Before and After: Johnny Lightning 1970 Plymouth Superbird

Before: pic courtesy of

Hey there! sorry for not posting for awhile, but now I'm back.  Today's featured wheel swap is on the Johnny Lightning 1970 Plymouth Superbird.  As you can see from the first pic, the car originally came with white 5 spokes but I thought they were kinda chunky looking.  I decided to go with some chrome rims, not sure what you call them, but I think they add some class to this very potent Mopar muscle car.   Jut a note that this was the last issue of this casting in 2011, as Johnny Lightning has not since released any new versions of this Superbird.  Enjoy!

Brand: Johnny Lightning
Series: Forever 64 Release 15
Model: 1970 Plymouth Superbird
Release date: 2011
Casting: 915

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