Before and After: Johnny Lightning 1965 Chevy Impala

The original wheels on this Johnny Lightning 65 Chevy Impala just looked so wrong (picture courtesy of  And here below it is after I added some steelies.

Pictured here is the Chevy Impala after a wheel upgrade.  I couldn't do anything with the original wheels, which were like little donuts, so I ended up drilling out the base to replace the wheels.  Pictured in the background is the maroon 65 Impala from 40th Anniv R8.  I didn't recall doing a rim swap on it but looking back at the original pictures on, it looks like it also got the treatment.

Brand: Johnny Lightning
Series: 40th Anniversary Release 6
Model:  1965 Chevrolet Impala
Casting: 943
Year Issued:  2009
Scale: 1/64


  1. Harry, these are 1965 Chevy Impalas not 1967 as you have them listed in your comments section and initial heading. /accobra64

  2. Thanks for the catch 'cobra! i've duly updated the title and content. I may need to hire you as my proofreader! Thx again!