Before and After: Johnny Lightning 1965 El Camino

Pictured above are two Johnny Lightning El Caminos.  Pictures courtesy of  Here are the cars after I removed the tampos and changed the rubber wheels and rims to give them a stock look.

Johnny Lightnings wheel swaps are easily achieved on the rubber tired vehicles by simply peeling the tires and rims from the axle.  Replacing the wheels is just as easy.  Have you tried a wheel swap on your Johnny Lightning cars?

Brand: Johnny Lightning
Series:  Classic Gold Release 27 (station wagon), Coca Cola Calendar 2005 (pickup)
Model: 1965 Chevrolet El Camino
Year Issued:  2004 (wagon), 2005 (pickup)


  1. Excellent. love the pictures. Daniel

  2. Really something...Anirban from India and Hot Wheels.

  3. THis is brilliant. But where do you get such cool stock looking wheels? I'd love to replace tons of stuff on my cars.

    1. Hi E.R. Ronny. The JL VW transporter model rides on a lot of stock rims.